ActiveCampaign vs HubSpot 2034: Its Affordable Adorable And Adaptable

ActiveCampaign vs HubSpot, ActiveCampaign, and HubSpot are very well-known customer relationship management (CRM) systems. It’s tough to assess them at once because, the reality is that, all people who have used each will tell you they are not the same.

ActiveCampaign is an e-mail marketing and marketing tool first, and CRM second, this is made clear in their features and packages.

Conversely, HubSpot is a CRM first but has plans, in particular for marketing and sales, and customer service.

If all you want is an easy CRM, HubSpot is the plain preference (supplying Hubspot’s CRM for free). But in every unique scenario, the answer isn’t so smooth.

Bottom Line Up Front: For most growing corporations looking for email marketing and marketing & CRM integration, my desire is the greater scalable (and rate-effective for max customers) ActiveCampaign plans proper right here. That said, Hubspot is an excellent preference for huge groups that could leverage the entire Hubspot ecosystem.

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Main Differences Between ActiveCampaign and Hubspot

The essential features amongst ActiveCampaign vs Hubspot are:

  • While ActiveCampaign is built mainly for email marketing.
  • Hubspot is built around a CRM.
  • Hubspot offers a FREE CRM as a tripwire for up-sells.
  • whilst ActiveCampaign does not.
  • Hubspot offers greater sturdy reporting views and reviews.
  • ActiveCampaign Paid plans are less attractive than what Hubspot offers in their paid plans.
  • ActiveCampaign is greater purchaser-friendly than Hubspot.

My intention with this assessment comparison is to help you choose a number of the products that you’ve no doubt done a bit of preliminary research on.

To do so, I’ll elaborate on

What every tool affords – If you need a marketing and marketing automation function that the high-quality one offers, your preference may be made up right away.

  1. Plans and pricing.
  2. The CRM of every tool.
  3. Sending emails and e-mail marketing features.
  4. Integrations with the unique tools you may use.
  5. Customer Support.

This first aspect will take a touch time, as they may be complex tools that can be hard to wrap your head around at first.

However, if you’re already familiar with both tools, You can proceed right down to where the assessment begins at the pricing segment.

What Does HubSpot Do?

HubSpot is a tough organization at first, it looks as if they’re involved approximately the whole lot in phrases of digital marketing and marketing.

So allow me to wreck down what their e-mail software platform offers.

There are 3 primary factors of the platform:

  1. CRM – This Lets you maintain the tune of organizations and contacts in their marketing and marketing cloud system.
  2. Marketing – Includes e-mail campaigns (email marketing software) and state-of-the-art inbound marketing and marketing campaigns features (landing web page builder, blog post creation, and more.).
  3. Hubspot Sales –Make calls, maintain the tune of deals, and lead technology scoring, amongst different income features. All the use of today’s automation software program and advertising automation first-class practices.

They both have free plans, so irrespective of which one you join up for, you’ll get the free features that consist of other useful features.

This makes revel in because of the reality all three key features are very important for a company. The entire-featured CRM is covered in every loss plan, and there are not any paid plans for it.

There’s little or no overlap with the primary three types of packages, The service hub is aimed toward customer support departments. There’s the high-quality one plan, and it’s now no longer mainly reasonably-priced, which helps you to offer live chat, an information base, and unique useful assist features.

So what does HubSpot do? Back to the precise question, HubSpot is mainly used by corporations for a CRM that also has marketing and sales features. It’s an all-in-one platform based mostly on an exquisite CRM built for simplicity.

What HubSpot Offers is that ActiveCampaign Doesn’t

Both tools have masses of overlap, but, HubSpot offers a few precise features.

Landing web page and blog post creation – HubSpot can act as a content management system (CMS) on some plans. In that way, the top of your profits funnels ( the content) may be connected with the rest via HubSpot. With ActiveCampaign, you’ll need to use integrations to obtain similar functionality.

Live chat – Certain plans will allow you to offer live chat assistance to visitors to your website online. Again, you’ll need integrations to do this via ActiveCampaign.

Customer Service Features – The customer service hub is precise. You get a ticketing system, information base, chatbots, and conversations dashboard. If you’re planning on adding a customer service department to your marketing, HubSpot is your high-quality desire.

What Does ActiveCampaign Marketing Automation Platform Do?

Just like HubSpot, ActiveCampaign offers a CRM, plus sales and marketing features. That’s natural considering how frequently these areas overlap with each other. The biggest difference is that ActiveCampaign makes a strong point of e-mail marketing first, and the rest comes later.

There’s no free CRM, it’s covered as a paid function, and high-quality on positive plans.

ActiveCampaign offers advanced automation via event tracking and workflows. This can be used to beautify your e-mail marketing results but is state-of-the-art enough (as you’ll see later) to help profits from any marketing and marketing channel.

So what does ActiveCampaign Do? It’s an e-mail marketing and marketing platform with automation features supposed for intense marketers. It moreover features a solid CRM and the capability to track customers via a profits pipeline.

What ActiveCampaign Offers that HubSpot Doesn’t

This question isn’t continually fair. HubSpot offers a whole lot in addition to social media advertising marketing campaign integration, as long as you’re willing to pay several thousand a year.

ActiveCampaign plans are reasonably-priced and offer features that would only be available on HubSpot’s higher plans. In particular, they offer much easy to use A-B testing and list segmentation. While they may be viable on some HubSpot plans, they may be now no longer sincere as you need to use workarounds to obtain them. You will understand more in later sections.

ActiveCampaign vs Hubspot – Pricing

Unfortunately, the packages that each tool offers are so certainly considered one among a type that we can’t compare them to thing thru manner. Instead, I’ll wreck down each platform separately.

ActiveCampaign Pricing Plans

ActiveCampaign offers 4 plans. Each tier includes all of the talents of the plan(s) below it.

Each plan moreover depends upon the number of contacts you have. The fee is similarly changed thru the manner of a method of paying monthly or yearly, with each being significantly cheaper.

Here is a summary of the rate and feature of each plan for 1000 contacts, paying yearly (the default).

Activecampaign Pricing Plans & Features in Detail



Marketing Automation
Email Marketing
Unlimited Email Sending
Drag & Drop Email Builder
125+ Email Templates
Send Newsletters
Subscription Forms
the site and Event Tracking
Campaign and Automation Reporting
Customer Newsletter
Customer Analytics
Extend your CXA strategy with ActiveCampaign Conversations.
Get 14 days free.
1 User
Import Contacts
Chat and Email Support
Unlimited access to the online resources library
Mobile Contact Management & Marketing Access
Integrate to Over 870 CXA Partners
500+ Automation Recipes
Unlimited Inactive Contacts
APIs, Webhooks, and Developer Tools


Landing Pages
50+ Landing Page Templates
Facebook Custom Audiences
Contact Scoring
SMS Marketing
Automations Map
Conditional Content
Advanced Performance Reporting
Custom Branded Forms and Landing Pages
Sales CRM Sync
SMS Service Followup
Deal Assignment
Customer Success Pipelines
Account Management
Customer Health Scoring
Chat, Email, and Facebook Messenger Service Channels
Automated Chatbot Workflows
Unified Inbox
Agent Assignments for Inbound
Reporting and Chat Transcripts
Up to 25 Users
Advanced Mobile Reporting
Custom User Permissions
Advanced Integrations with Leading E-commerce Applications Such as Shopify and BigCommerce


Website Personalization
Predictive Sending
Predictive Content
Marketing Attribution
Split Automations
Attribution Reporting
Site Messages
Split Automations
Personalized Product Experiences
Conversion Reporting
In-App Messaging
Up to 50 Users
Dedicated Onboarding Specialist
CXA Strategy Consultation and access to quarterly business reviews
1:1 trainings


Custom Reporting
Custom Mailserver Domain
Custom Domain
Free Design Services
Unlimited Email Design Testing
Social Data Enrichment
Custom Objects
Custom Reporting
Contact Enrichment
Custom Objects
Unlimited Users
Onboarding and training for custom product functionality
Phone Support
Customize Your Application URL (for Application Access)
Customized Branding within Application
HIPAA Support

Note that “Lite” is targeted high-quality email marketing and marketing automation. This will let you deliver emails based on situations, which I’ll explain later.

The CRM isn’t available until the “Plus” plan, in which all the basic CRM features are covered. You can add contacts and deals in custom fields

If you’re interested in profits automation, you’ll need the “Professional” plan or above. Attribution will offer you a seen way of tracking every touchpoint (e-mail or website interaction) a hint has made.

Free trial – ActiveCampaign offers a 14-day free trial, which is limited but includes most features.

HubSpot Pricing Plans – ActiveCampaign vs HubSpot

HubSpot’s pricing can be tough, but, they’ve done their first-rate to simplify it.

Of the 4 essential forms of services (CRM, Marketing, Sales, Service), there are as many as 5 separate plans. Some services have fewer plans than others, but, the names and unique prices ranges remain similar throughout.

  • Free, Starter, and Basic plans – Geared towards beginers or startups with one or few users on board and in need of few marketing features
  • Professional – For small corporations with almost all features covered.
  • Enterprise – The first-rate they have, made for huge corporations.

I’ve summarized the charges for all the services below (annual billing).

hubspot pricing
Hubspot pricing

HubSpot offers a 30-day free trial for their marketing and marketing hub.

Note that irrespective of which plan you join up for, you’ll automatically get features from the alternative services as well. For example, a free CRM account moreover has the features of the free marketing and marketing hub and profits hub services.

Comparing ActiveCampaign’s and HubSpot’s CRM In this segment

I’ll take a look at the main functionality of each CRM tool and automation platform so you can decide if it meets your desires. Overall, they’re quite similar to each other.

ActiveCampaign Marketing Software – ActiveCampaign vs HubSpot

ActiveCampaign’s CRM is broken up into contacts and deals. Contacts are your subscribers, whiles the deals are segmented to help maintain track of customers’ journey.

ContactsActiveCampaign vs HubSpot

ActiveCampaign lets you add more info about your contact, this means you can collect more than just an e-mail address. This is what separates it from other email marketing tools.

DealsActiveCampaign vs HubSpot

You can create custom profits pipelines via the sales segment of your account. It has the same style and drag-and-drop interface as any Kanban-based mission manipulate software like Trello.

ActiveCampaign Deals pipeline
ActiveCampaign Deals pipeline

You can create as many steps for your pipeline as you need, then add separate Deals (with contacts and team members assigned to them) as they come up.

Finally, you can drag each deal to the following stage whilst it’s done. As we’ll see shortly, you can combine this with automation to make a well-organized, and complex profits funnel.

For example, whilst a deal is moved to a positive category, you can use that to automatically motivate a comply with-up event (autoresponder, notification for yourself, timetable, and meeting).

HubSpot Marketing Software – ActiveCampaign vs HubSpot

HubSpot’s base CRM consists of contacts and Deals, just like ActiveCampaign, but moreover organizations.


The HubSpot increase platform lets you add masses of precise statistics for every one of your contacts, similarly, to assigning them to an organization.

hubspot marketing
Hubspot Marketing

All hobby that involves a hint is auto-recorded withinside the essential timeline, which you can often at once use to take motion (deliver an e-mail, add a calendar event, etc.).

At the very top of each contact web page, you have a couple of opportunities to take action.

First, you can deliver an email, right from your HubSpot account:

hubspot  connect  other mail account
HubSpot connect another mail account

HubSpot Email Activity

You’ll need to connect with Gmail, Office, or each different-mail issue.

You can also make calls from proper right here via your computer, using your smartphone number as your choice display number. Be aware that you have restrained minutes for this option on the free plan.

You can also log a modern-day hobby if it wasn’t done via the CRM and automatically delivered, or you can create an undertaking to alert someone to your group to take action:

Finally, you can timetable a meeting right from the contact internet web page, and add unique contacts as well.

hubspot scheduler Off 62% -

It’s a very inexperienced layout in which you can do almost something you’d like with a hint right from their internet web page.

hubspot make calls
HubSpot makes calls

Companies You can add organizations and then add contacts to them if you often address a couple of touches at a single organization.

This makes sure you can maintain the tune of all the artwork you’ve done with an organization in a single area, removing any vain or embarrassing redundancies.


When you type in an organization called, HubSpot tried to automatically pull in masses of related statistics about the organization to save you time. It works surprisingly for massive organizations.

How to Add Multiple Domains to a Company Record (with Caution)
HubSpot companies


Finally, deals in HubSpot software programs are very just like ActiveCampaign. Again, you can create steps in a pipeline, and then add deals to the suitable stage (similar automation workflows).

HubSpot deal pipeline

It another time has a Kanban-like format, and you can drag and drop deals via the tiers as you progress. Overall, every ActiveCampaign and HubSpot have similar, solid CRMs.

However, don’t forget that HubSpot is free, while ActiveCampaign’s CRM high-quality comes with the Plus package deal or above.

Finally, HubSpot’s contact pages are a piece greater powerful (can take greater direct movements).

I’d deliver HubSpot the edge if all you’re looking for is a CRM.

Sending Emails and Email Marketing – ActiveCampaign vs HubSpot

One of the most important shared features of the 2 software is the capability to e-mail contacts.


You can deliver an easy text-mail via each ActiveCampaign or HubSpot via a contact web page. On top of that, you can more over-deliver announcements and autoresponders in ActiveCampaign. There are many options You can use to transport over templates, segments, and automation.


ActiveCampaign is flexible enough to deliver easy text emails for one-on-one custom-designed contact, but, you can choose from hundreds of format templates for any emails that go out to a list.

activecampaign templates
activecampaign templates

You’re able to personalize the format similarly when you select a template and get to the email editor.


To beautify the relevance of emails that contact your company gets, segments are a useful tool. You can add new or modern contacts to positive segments based mostly on their previous movements:

For example, in the event, that they open all of your emails and respond to them, you may add them to an immoderate-priority segment and deliver them greater attention.

Or, if someone opens links about a product, but, hasn’t converted yet, you may add them to a segment and deliver that segment greater statistics about the product (possibly even discounts).

ActiveCampaign vs HubSpot – Automation and Workflows

To use automation with ActiveCampaign, you create a workflow, at the manner to look something like this:

ActiveCampaign Automations
ActiveCampaign Automations

Each step in a workflow ends withinside the subsequent. You can use it to make an easy autoresponder, but, it applies to plenty greater than true e-mail.

Each step in a workflow desires 2 subjects: a trigger and an action.

A trigger is an initial event that takes place. It can be setting up an email, being delivered to a segment, or completing a one-of-a-type intention that you have defined.

ActiveCampaign tracks an intensive form of events, so there are triggers for everything you can think of:

activecampaign triggers

Then you need to choose an action – what takes place whilst that motive scenario is met?

You can deliver an e-mail, or more over-regulate a part of the CRM factors we’ve looked at such as a modern-day deal, updating a stage in a pipeline, or more.

In addition, there are various powerful conditional movements that you can choose from:

ActiveCampaign Conditions Workflows

An if/else assertion lets you break up your workflow into cap capability paths. For example, you can use that if an e-mail is opened, a hint is delivered to as a minimum of one segment, while the others are delivered to a one-of-a-type segment.

You can also use the “split” scenario to break up traffic amongst 2 different movements.

This is how you may break up test emails in ActiveCampaign. This is a powerful function that gives ActiveCampaign a component over HubSpot.

HubSpot You can be a part of HubSpot with Gmail, G Suite, and Outlook or Office 365 for Windows.

If you use HubSpot with Gmail, this affords new features like e-mail scheduling:

HubSpot Email Scheduling
HubSpot Email Scheduling

HubSpot may even offer you e-mail tracking notifications. When enabled, it tells you whilst a hint opens an e-mail, and if they make any movements (like clicking a link):

Back for your HubSpot account, you can deliver email announcements and select from masses of e-mail templates.

The editor is pretty easy to use. Note that you can high-quality deliver emails on paid plans, it’s far locked on all free plans. While there isn’t a traditional autoresponder function in HubSpot, on some Sales plans, you can create a chain of emails.

ActiveCampaign vs HubSpot Automation and Workflows

HubSpot moreover has advanced automation features, but, they may be high-quality available on professional marketing and marketing plans ($800+ per month). It works almost identically to ActiveCampaign’s workflows.

Each step in a workflow has a motive event and a motion to take whilst the event is met.

HubSpot Automation

HubSpot automation

It’s easy to use and the user interface has the first-rated design. One final point is that HubSpot doesn’t offer an easy way to segment lists. It is viable, but, very difficult.

ActiveCampaign vs HubSpot Integrations

While the percentage of every system a couple of tools into one, your company is still going to supply different tools that you just like the utilization of. Both ActiveCampaign and HubSpot integrate with many unique tools.


Currently, ActiveCampaign integrates with truly over a hundred fifty apps. This includes well-known tools like Zapier, Leadpages, Stripe.

ActiveCampaign integration apps featured
ActiveCampaign integration apps featured

You can carry outa touch in truth neat subjects while you combine your unique tools with automation. For example, you may motivate an automation event whenever a sale is made to conform with it with an upsell e-mail marketing campaign.

HubSpot integrates with the right spherical 200 unique tools sat at the moment.

HubSpot integrations

This includes many well-known tools like Salesforce, Slack, and Zendesk. They integrate with many tools that specialize in a selected area of a function that HubSpot offers. For example, you can integrate MailChimp to use for e-mail marketing and marketing if you’re on a low-rate HubSpot plan that doesn’t have what you need.

Both ActiveCampaign and HubSpot both integrate with Zapier, which allows you to deliver actual-time data from almost any app which incorporates Google Analytics and unique nearby integrations (whether it’s on the above integration pages or not) to HubSpot:

HubSpot zapier

There’s a learning curve, but, it’ll allow you to be a part of all the tools you use collectively.

HubSpot integrations
HubSpot integrations

ActiveCampaign vs HubSpot Support

The assist options for every shape are remarkably similar, allowing me to wreck them down.


Once you’re logged in, there’s a piece help bubble withinside the bottom right of each screen. Clicking it brings up a are seeking to go into on the aspect of suggestions:

activecampaign support
activecampaign support

Searching will pass again a list of help articles from the information base, and clicking such a will open it in that same thing panel. No extra tabs or pages are opened. Their information base is first-rate, with hundreds of well-written articles.

In addition, there’s live chat and e-mail assistance available if you go to the “contact assist” internet web page. Finally, there are moreover masses of “training” cloth, which incorporates guides, podcasts, videos, and webinars.

These are a mixture of tutorials using ActiveCampaign, and guides to promote it in trend.


Just like ActiveCampaign, HubSpot has a piece help bubble on every internet web page for your account. Clicking it’ll open a thing panel with useful suggestions and questions:

HubSpot support
HubSpot support

HubSpot Help

That helps you to view articles from the information base, which can be very immoderate quality.

HubSpot information base
HubSpot information base

They have hundreds of articles that are probably written concisely and with hundreds of smooth pics with instructions.

HubSpot pushes you to clear up your problems, which you can usually do by using the information base articles. In addition, you can put up a ticket (e-mail assist), call, or ask for help on Twitter (yes, that’s HubSpot’s suggestion). But there’s no live chat.

Finally, HubSpot has a huge form of marketing and marketing tutorials and training, extending even to social media and ad manipulation training.

This is how they’ve grown to be so well-known withinside the inbound marketing and marketing industry (in particular leaning on social media greater than most systems).

They offer a couple of certification programs that may be first-rate if you’re a modern-day marketer:

HubSpot Marketing Tutorials
HubSpot Marketing Tutorials

ActiveCampaign vs HubSpot: Which is the Best?

Both systems have masses of happy customers, so the first-rate one for you is based upon your scenarios.

Let me first summarize all the lessons we’ve looked at:

  1. Pricing – HubSpot offers a first-rate free CRM plan, but, the paid plans are lots greater luxurious than ActiveCampaign’s plans.
  2. CRM – Both offer similar CRMs with all the same number one talents. HubSpot’s CRM has a moderate component with a slightly greater powerful contacts internet web page and the reality that you can get it for unfastened.
  3. Email marketing – Both offer the basics, but, automation is high-quality available on immoderate-tier plans for HubSpot. ActiveCampaign offers advanced automation for reasonably-priced charges on all plans, making it the winner for me.
  4. Integrations – Virtually identical on every, integrating with well over a hundred tools.
  5. Support – Both have first-rate information bases. ActiveCampaign offers live chat assistance, while HubSpot offers telephone assistance as a substitute. Personal preference will dictate the winner proper right here, but, they’re very similar.

Based on all of that, allow’s determine the situations in which you’d choose one over the alternative.

When Should You Choose ActiveCampaign?

  1. There are a few situations in which I assume ActiveCampaign is the first-rated CRM and marketing tool to choose: You want advanced marketing and marketing automation on a budget.
  2. Your most essential marketing and marketing channel is e-mail marketing and marketing.
  3. List segmentation is an essential function for you.
  4. You need CRM and marketing and marketing tools for a group, but need to maintain the fee down.

HubSpot has quite an awful lot of every function viable but is quite expensive for some customers.

When it’s too expensive for positive features you care about, that’s whilst ActiveCampaign is the first-rate possibility.

When To Pick or Choose HubSpot:

I’d propose going with HubSpot if: Budget isn’t a massive issue. You spend masses of time on non-public contacts, this means that you in all likelihood have very immoderate-rate conversions. You high-quality want a CRM, which you can get free.

You’d need to tie in inbound marketing and marketing collectively in conjunction with your CRM.



Hubspot vs ActiveCampaign Conclusion

HubSpot and ActiveCampaign each have first-rate features for CRM and marketing. They are an established, expert organization with polished products. ActiveCampaign is a first-rated HubSpot replacement even though it isn’t as well-known.

They have masses of similarities, this means that each one is an excellent preference in most situations for lots of customers. I’m confident in saying that neither ActiveCampaign nor HubSpot is definitively better than the alternative.

If you have been given an emphasis on e-mail marketing and marketing software program packages (email campaigns) and staying on a budget, ActiveCampaign is probably the better preference for your precise scenario.

Conversely, if your essential interest is your CRM and inbound marketing then, HubSpot’s CRM is probably the better preference for your precise scenario, in particular the free Hubspot CRM functionality. Either way, I prefer this marketing automation software program assessment comparison has assisted in cleaning up any confusion you had about both systems.

If you are nonetheless stuck, check our Hubspot Alternatives and ActiveCampaign Alternatives guides. Alternately, check our GetResponse vs ActiveCampaign

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