ActiveCampaign vs Mailchimp 2022: Which Is One Better For You

This is one of the most competitive areas of digital marketing ( The Email Marketing Tools Market) Even in this new era of Social Media, Most marketers still use email marketing because of the value it possesses.

In this article, we are going to give an honest overview of two of the big names when it comes to email marketing ( ActiveCampaign vs Mailchimp ) the features they have, and more, even if you didn’t like any of them, hopefully, you will understand and have some ideas of what to look for when considering another product.

I started my Internet marketing journey in 2017 and in the beginning, MailChimp was my go-to email marketing software. But I recently discovered ActiveCampaign, Which is better in my opinion. ActiveCampaign has more features, ultra-modern design easy to use, and load faster.

ActiveCampaign vs Mailchimp: Which Is One Better For You

ActiveCampaign is more of an all-in-one email marketing tool that provides, Powerful marketing automation, an SMS feature, and CRM tools you need to boost engagement in your audience. Their powerful automation features are usually expected only in high-end plans of other software. Get Your 14 days trial here.

MailChimp is not new in the email marketing space and made name for itself over the years. also increasingly aiming to be an all-in-one marketing platform. both email marketing tools are gearing and marketing their selves as an “all in one” email marketing tool, But before we talk about that let’s talk about some of their differences.

Main Differences Between Mailchimp vs ActiveCampaign

The main differences between Mailchimp and ActiveCampaign are:

  • ActiveCampaign is more of an all-in-one email marketing tool with more features, whereas Mailchimp is focused on email marketing.
  • ActiveCampaign is totally cheaper compared to Mailchimp.
  • ActiveCampaign has more integration compared whereas Mailchimp have just a few.
  • If you use Shopify ActiveCampaign works better for you, whereas Mailchimp doesn’t.
  • ActiveCampaign offers a dynamic lead scoring, But Mailchimp does not.
  • Mailchimp has a free plan which includes up to 2,000 contacts, with 10,000 sends per month and a daily limit., whereas ActiveCampaign has a better free 14 day trial.

Email Editors And Ease of Use

I think is best to start with email editors first as its the most important feature in email marketing, So how easy or difficult is it to use their editors to craft emails, well from my experience, Both Softwares has a straightforward editor, with drag and drop very easy to use, But Mailchimp’s Editor can be slow to load sometimes depending on your internet connection.

Mailchimp Email Editor Is The Easiest For Building Emails

Both Mailchimp, as Well as ActiveCampaign, offers a wide variety of customizable, easy, and ready-to-go email templates, You can start editing as soon as possible and You can also use a blank template as well. For a new user, Mailchimp will Look more appealing.

Mailchimp has a Minimalistic template typical setup for email— easy to edit blocks for body text, an image, a logo, a button, a header, and a footer. to add a section all you have to do is to click the plus sign above or below the existing section. To Remove is also easy as that: all you have to do is to just select a section and click the trash icon. moreover, it’s that simple to use, You will love it if you’re a new creator.

Below is a Snapshot Of MailChimp Email Editor
mailchimp email editor
Mailchimp email editor

ActiveCampaign also has a pretty simple email builder but not quite easy as Mailchimp’s builder. it also has a drag and drop builder, and You can build from scratch with all the drag and drop elements options available, You can drag in an image, a text, a header, a footer, and more. the panel of sections has blocks that you can drag and place below or above one section or the other, very similar to Mailchimp‘s.

Also, ActiveCampaign has a nice or neat email customization ability, one and very important one is the ability to pull up and down sections to make more room. and conditional formatting, With this, you decide what appears in dynamic fields, such as email addresses

Below is a Snapshot Of ActiveCampaign Email Editor

ActiveCampaign builder
ActiveCampaign builder

Marketing Automation Features

ActiveCampaign has more advanced marketing automation features

Mailchimp is proudly calling itself an all-in-one marking tool, well it does certainly well at that, but ActiveCampaign Offers more and does more.

If you sign up for both software solely for email marketing only, You will quickly realize that ActiveCampaign offers more room for growth, One important feature you will find in ActiveCampaign that will make you pick it over Mailchimp is the SMS Ability, with this added to your regular email marketing, you will pick ActiveCampaign over Mailchimp which offers only email marketing.

Below is a Snapshot Of ActiveCampaign Marketing Automation

ActiveCampaign Automations
ActiveCampaign Automations

MailChimp Automation Features

Even though MailChimp also offers marketing automation but their automation capabilities are not up to what ActiveCampaign offers.

MailChimp does have a considerable range of automated campaigns available ( The notable one is purchase confirmation and abandoned cart ) there has been an update to the automation editor, which makes it easier to Use.

Below is a Snapshot Of MailChimp Marketing Automation

mailchimp automation workflow
Mailchimp automation

Landing Page Builder

Landing page builders are now part of email marketing software and ActiveCampaign and Mailchimp offer them but they too didn’t have them when they first started.

With Mailchimp the Landing page builder is free, but with ActiveCampaign you will have to pay for it and its high quality than what Mailchimp offers for free, it is pretty advanced, it comes with more personalized page builder options, you can remove and add an element, very easy to use templates and the landing pages are hosted on a custom domain or subdomain.

Below is a Snapshot Of the ActiveCampaign Landing page builder

ActiveCampaign builder
ActiveCampaign builder

Activecampaign vs Mailchimp Integrations and More.

Both software ( ActiveCampaign and MailChimp ) are very popular in the email marketing tools spaces, So make more reasonable for them to offers integrations with other platforms.

Mailchimp offers about 200 integration with all the big names in the CMS and eCommerce platforms, except for Shopify Of course. these names include web builders CRMs and The Big Social Networks. and also, It Connects with Zapier which gives it more integrations.

ActiveCampaign also provides more integrations, with about 250 apps and counting, and also connects with Zapier. This makes it more appealing because it works with Shopify directly You need no workaround.

Below is a Snapshot Of the Activecampaign Integrations

ActiveCampaign integration apps featured
ActiveCampaign integration apps featured

Activecampaign vs Mailchimp Pricing

ActiveCampaign Pricing Plan
ActiveCampaign Offer for plans and the Pricing Plan depends on the plan you choose, they don’t offer pay-as-you-go option and no free plan ( but they have a 14-day free trial) And also a 15% discount if you chose to pay annually which is better than monthly.

Below Is A Full List Of ActiveCampaign Pricing and Feature Per Plan



Marketing Automation
Email Marketing
Unlimited Email Sending
Drag & Drop Email Builder
125+ Email Templates
Send Newsletters
Subscription Forms
the site and Event Tracking
Campaign and Automation Reporting
Customer Newsletter
Customer Analytics
Extend your CXA strategy with ActiveCampaign Conversations.
Get 14 days free.
1 User
Import Contacts
Chat and Email Support
Unlimited access to the online resources library
Mobile Contact Management & Marketing Access
Integrate to Over 870 CXA Partners
500+ Automation Recipes
Unlimited Inactive Contacts
APIs, Webhooks, and Developer Tools


Landing Pages
50+ Landing Page Templates
Facebook Custom Audiences
Contact Scoring
SMS Marketing
Automations Map
Conditional Content
Advanced Performance Reporting
Custom Branded Forms and Landing Pages
Sales CRM Sync
SMS Service Followup
Deal Assignment
Customer Success Pipelines
Account Management
Customer Health Scoring
Chat, Email, and Facebook Messenger Service Channels
Automated Chatbot Workflows
Unified Inbox
Agent Assignments for Inbound
Reporting and Chat Transcripts
Up to 25 Users
Advanced Mobile Reporting
Custom User Permissions
Advanced Integrations with Leading E-commerce Applications Such as Shopify and BigCommerce


Website Personalization
Predictive Sending
Predictive Content
Marketing Attribution
Split Automations
Attribution Reporting
Site Messages
Split Automations
Personalized Product Experiences
Conversion Reporting
In-App Messaging
Up to 50 Users
Dedicated Onboarding Specialist
CXA Strategy Consultation and access to quarterly business reviews
1:1 pieces of training


Custom Reporting
Custom Mailserver Domain
Custom Domain
Free Design Services
Unlimited Email Design Testing
Social Data Enrichment
Custom Objects
Custom Reporting
Contact Enrichment
Custom Objects
Unlimited Users
Onboarding and training for custom product functionality
Phone Support
Customize Your Application URL (for Application Access)
Customized Branding within Application
HIPAA Support

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Below is a snapshot of ActiveCampaign Pricing

ActiveCampaign Pricing
ActiveCampaign Pricing

MailChimp’s pricing

Mailchimp’s paid plans start at $9.99 for 500 contacts, which is much lesser than the free plan, also if your subscriber numbers increase you will pay even more. so you will have to make a better decision at the very beginning.

MailChimp has four plans available. these are:

  • The Free — with this plan you get up to 2,000 subscribers and You can send up to 10,000 messages per month with limited features.
  • Essential — starting at $9.99 per month with 500 subscribers and messages so if you’re on this plan you have to pay more to send more messages.
  • Standard — starting at $14.99 per month with up to 500 subscribers, this is the Essential plus more.
  • Premium — starting at $299 per month with up to 10,000 subscribers this the higher plan, so with this, you get all the above packages plus more.

Below is a snapshot example of the MailChimp pricing list.

MailChimp's pricing
MailChimp’s pricing

ActiveCampaign vs Mailchimp – Support

Support Offered by ActiveCampaign and Mailchimp is similar, with live Chat, email, and also explanatory videos available to answer your questions. But ActiveCampaign Offers a little more with one on one training options available, where you can get in touch with a real person to train you on how to use all the features, and more there’s even a community You can get in touch with other users of the platform.

ActiveCampaign Support
ActiveCampaign Support

ActiveCampaign’s support is easy to access than Mailchimp’s. You can access the support from anywhere within the software. this is because of the Help icon available on every page of the tool. You can always find it at the bottom right corner. But MailChimp’s support is only available after knowledge base questions.

ActiveCampaign’s support is the best choice because it is easy to get to access and always available anywhere within the tool.

ActiveCampaign vs MailChimp: Conclution

We have a good reason to say that ActiveCampaign is our Number one Pick, As we have explained above, It’s an email marketing tool that is at the top of all the email marketing tools market, In terms of usability features and above all give you the value for your money.

You will ask if you should go with ActiveCampaign as we recommended, Well If you’re looking for advanced features CRM list building or management, Automation and with ActiveCampaign You get SMS feature included, then we would recommend ActiveCampaign without a doubt If you have the budget for it.

But if you don’t have the budget ? or What if easy to use is more important to You?

In that case, We would say MailChimp is your best option – But You must be aware that there are tools out there offering similar features even affordable, ease of use (GetResponese, for example).

Below are some email marketing platforms in the comparisons we have covered:

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