My Story

I am Imoro Abdul Rahim, And I Am From Ghana Tamale. My Story is not the brighter one but let’s hear it, I am currently living In Accra, the Capital City of  Ghana.

I move to Accra in 2010 to seek greener pastures and to tell you the truth it has not been easy.

I had completed  High school IN 2008 with really bad grades and because of that, I dumped school because.

19 years old imoro

financially I couldn’t pay for remedial to better my grade to be able to go to college, and who will even pay the college for me If I had those good grades. 

 In 2010, I moved to Accra to seek greener pastures, when I came to Accra I didn’t even have a skill to offer and not to talk of where to even begin to look for a job.

I Came to Accra because I heard of My Auntie who lives in Nima, a Suburb of Accra who used to come to Tamale, I started looking for her without a phone because I couldn’t even afford one.

When I found her, She took me in and took care of me, she was there for me but it wasn’t enough. I wanted more for myself and my auntie couldn’t do it all for me.

 I went looking for something to do and found the internet. Yes, I found an internet cafe where kids my age and younger were using the internet.

I was curious about it, I wanted to know more, I wanted to know what they get from it and how I can join too.

Well, that’s easy, ‘one boy said to me”. You just create a yahoo email address with fake details and start chatting with men or women. when the time is right you ask them for money.

I was young and stupid and I need a way to make a little money to take care of myself and my younger brothers and sisters. so I started. I made a little money off it and I was ok for some time, But Allah was Good to me, I didn’t do it for long.  

In 2011, I started as an apprentice and a Glass Windows and Doors Fabrication shop.  I spent almost three years learning the Skill of fabrication oF Glass windows and  Doors. and in 2014 I Graduated.

Now I have a certificate In Glass Doors and Windows Fabrication, I will be free I will now make money because now I have something to trade, ” I said “

But, there was an opportunity for me to travel abroad ( The United States ) it’s better than Ghana so I told myself.  Well, it didn’t happen.

I never got the chance to go. the traveling agent run away with the money, the money I could have used to set up the shop or my workplace ( the place I will be doing the Glass Doors and Window Fabrication )

The money was supposed to be for either the Shop Or Traveling document ticket and everything was all gone. I was back to zero.

old imoro
28 yrs old imoro

Fast forward, In 2017, I was listening to the radio and Someone said on the radio that, The Government of Ghana should invest in CryptoCurrency. CryptoCurrency Was something heard about but I didn’t pay much attention to it.

I started learning about cryptocurrency, I learned about Bitcoinetherium, and any other CryptoCurrency available at the time.

All I needed was money to invest, But $1000 worth of cryptocurrency to start trading. Well, I didn’t have that money. That was what someone told me on Facebook.

But while I was learning about bitcoin, I learn that the possibility of making money online was more than just bitcoin or Cryptocurrency.

Affiliate Marketing, Dropshipping, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Youtube, and more, I had all this information but how to start was a problem, I  didn’t have money to invest in a course or any membership or mentorship program. So the best option was to learn for free.

I bought some courses from Udemy and Linkedin learning and also took the google digital marketing free courses.

But didn’t have extra money to invest in a website, or invest in Youtube equipment or investment because I didn’t have the money to do so.

So it took me six years to finally make my first 1 dollar online legitimately. it was from the Google partnership program ( Adsense ). It was $185.35 after taxes. I was happy beyond control. 

Imoro with family on ed grounds

Well, now that being able to make money online am here to share with you my story and the tools I will be using. I have  six years of experience of making money online to share with you on this blog,

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What To Expect

 I know my story is not much of a success story just yet. but if you follow me, I will update you on what is happening.

 You can leave a comment below tell me anything maybe your suggestion and anything.

 thanks again