Paypal Surveys: Top 5 PayPal Surveys No Minimum Payout – Absolutely, Adaptable and Appalled.

Paypal Surveys – Some may say surveys are an outdated way to make money online, But I will say surveys are one of the best ways to make some money online, well, you will not make a fortune online with only surveys but making extra cash is not bad, In this article.

Paypal Surveys
Paypal Surveys

Typically there out a lot of Surveys out there that will pay you gift cards, Virtual Visa Cards, and Some even in Crypto Currencies.

Below, I outline the Top 5 PayPal Surveys with No Minimum Payout and I recommend you should give it a try. These sites all pay you a Minimum as soon as you complete the survey.

Importantly, these sites don’t pay the same way. with some, you may get paid in dollar equivalent while others pay you will point which is redeemable, And if you can do microtasks there are gift card rewards for those as well, We have our favorite in them but you try all to see if you can find one as a favorite.

1. – Paypal Surveys is the first Paypal Survey that paid me with Paypal immediately after I completed a survey. Your Payment is ready as soon as your survey is completed.

With every survey, you are paid $0.50 to $1, Their survey is easy to do and takes just a few minutes to complete.

More Importantly, Your location or your demographic will determine the number or the kind of surveys you receive, Further, the paid surveys are offered based on every profile matched or country matched of a user.

Get make sure You don’t miss out on being invited to the right surveys, when signing up, answer questions honestly and truthfully as you will be asked some of those questions to verify anytime you are invited to the surveys and if your answers don’t match.

After completing your first survey, you will be sent $1 as your reward, And it would be either through Payal, Bitcoin, Decathlon, Target, and more, the list goes on.

And with adult supervision, of course, kids of 13 plus can take and complete surveys on the platform.

2. Swagbucks – Paypal Surveys

With Swagbucks, You get rewards for answering surveys, searching the web, Watching Videos, downloading and playing games, and sometimes, Micro takes like viewing webpages and clicking on advertisements.

The might be sites similar to Swagbucks, but Swagbucks is the best that offers Instant PayPal Payment with No Minimum Payout.


Swagbucks offers surveys with different payouts, With some of them, users get up to $50. But not all Swagbucks tasks pay this much, but always too shot to complete.

You should expect to get up to somewhere from 40- 200 SB Points per survey with 100SB = $1.

You can Redeem your points for gift cards from popular retailers like Walmart, Amazon, and More.

Swagbucks is also known to be the leading cashback app and website that rewards users with more than 713m+ in Gift cards and Cash.

There are a few cash-out options available with a minimum of 1$ you redeem an amazon gift card and also PayPal. But with PayPal, a minimum of $5 is required in your account. and to receive your reward it usually takes about 3 business days.

Referral earnings, If you decide to invite friends or refer people to join Swagbucks, You will earn 10% for referring them, and when you and the referral get a 300 SB bonus with they make up to 300 SB in the first month.

The Swagbucks referral bonus is $5 – $10 with some offers that you can make up to $25 for free.

3.TimeBucks – Paypal Surveys

TimeBucks and SwagBucks do not only have almost the same names. But it does have a lot of earning opportunities and methods too.

Some of which are very unique to be on a rewards platform. For example, you can earn money by watching videos, viewing and clicking ads on sites, doing social media tasks, taking surveys, referring friends, and taking part in contests and raffles.


It is a very nice site that offers good rewards for most people and most countries. not like another survey site, if you don’t qualify for some surveys there will still be plenty of earning potential for you. TimeBucks surveys don’t pay much like other sites on this list.

But still, you have a chance to earn points. You have DAILY GOAL CHECKLIST to complete with six to-do things on the list.

 Complete a Full Survey from the Surveys Tab (Excludes Daily Poll)

 Complete 3 Push Clicks

 Complete 3 Slideshows

 Complete 3 Searches

 Attempt 6 Tasks

 Complete a Click from the Clicks tab

4. Surveyeah – Paypal Surveys

Surveyeah is not like TimeBucks and SwagBucks, but also offers a good amount of surveys with higher pay sometimes more than what TimeBucks and SwagBucks offer, Surveyeah is part of Tradatech SRL located in Italy and is an online-based consumer platform.

By signing up, you will be notified to take part in market research for products to be introduced on the market. and you will be notified via emails and as soon as you complete a survey you get paid fully

Survey Payments

Each survey when it’s completed successfully will earn between $0.50, or $0.75 – $2.00. and all will depend on the duration of the survey. The rewards will be credited to your account as soon as you complete the survey

Payment Options

You get your payment by your choice, with Paypal, Amazon, or money transfer. You can contact customer care, to receive money via skill, Western Union, and MoneyGram. If You wish you can donate to your favorite charity.

surveyeah payment
Surveyeah Payment

The minimum balance required to reach before you can withdraw may vary by country by country.

If you want an Amazon gift card you need up to $/€10 and to pay PayPal you will need $/€20 to be able to get paid with Moneygram, Western Union and You need more than that. You will need up to $50 to be able to get paid.

With G2, I will share my honest experience on the platform and How you can get G2 Rewards from well-known brands like Amazon, Walmart, and Visa Gift Cards.


G2 is not a survey platform like Timebucks and Swagbucks. But is more of reviews of products and software, and if you can write a good review of a software you might get a gift card, this means not every review gets a reward but when you can get one of those reviews that gives rewards you will get a gift card as a reward.

This is to say, G2 allows Products and Companies to list their software. Once the software is on there that’s where you come in.

You go on the platform ( and write a good review and an honest one. and You stand a chance of getting rewarded.

I got a $25 visa virtual card and a couple of $5 cards as well for my honest reviews of software I have used in the past. some of them you will not expect to be approved, examples are GoogleTranslate And Google Analytics.

Your reviews will help the buyers of software make the right decision when shopping for software.

I left an honest review on the platform ( and earned a visa gift card.

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